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Mercadona launches its new model of efficient store, and it will invest 180 million euros in refurbishments in 2017

14 december 2016
The first two supermarkets to include this new model are located in Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia) and the municipality of Peligros (Granada)
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Mercadona will build its main regulating logistics block in a Parc Sagunt plot

07 december 2016
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Aguamur and Valle de San Juan become Mercadona’s new integrated supplier-manufacturers

29 october 2016
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Mercadona now has more than 1,600 stores in Spain

28 october 2016
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Mercadona plans to hire 120 managers for Portugal

13 july 2016
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Mercadona approves the start of its internationalisation project in Portugal

23 june 2016
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Mercadona increases its turnover by 3% to reach 20,831 million euros

03 march 2016
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Mercadona's turnover rises by 2% to reach 20,161 million-euros

05 march 2015
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Mercadona's turnover rises by 4% to 19.812 million euros in 2013

06 march 2014
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Mercadona invests 650 million euros and creates 4,000 new permanet jobs in 2012

07 march 2013