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Imagen del logo de Mercadona desde el exterior de una tienda. El logo aparece plasmado en primer plano, en la puerta de la tienda. Al fondo se puede ver el cartel de Mercadona.

About us

What is Mercadona? 

A shared, sustainable project that has been in the process of construction for more than 35 years, one that society feels should exist, is proud of and that is constantly improving

Mercadona is a Spanish-owner, family-run chain of supermarkets whose objective is that of offering better food, personal hygiene, and home and pet care solutions for its clients.

Founded in 1977 by the Cárnicas Roig Group, Mercadona is currently Spain’s market leader in the supermarket segment.   located throughout the country, as well as the trust of 5.1 million households. 

Mercadona’s workforce is 79,000 employee-strong, all striving to offer service of the highest level of excellence on a daily basis. Furthermore, Mercadona and its suppliers share a project that consists of working together to achieve the long-term objective: satisfying the needs of our clients.

Centered around 5 businesses: Drink, Personal Hygiene, Pet Care, Home Cleaning, Food.


“Total prescribers of the products and solutions required so “The Boss” (client) may put together their Shopping Cart Menu* (Fresh and Dry products) within a Sustainable Agri-Food Chain”

*Shopping Cart Menu: The Boss’ Total Shopping at the best quality and the lowest monthly cost.


“To achieve a Sustainable Agri-Food Chain that Society wants and feels proud of, through leadership and by placing “The Boss” (client) as our guiding principle”.

Commercial strategy

Since 1993, Mercadona’s commercial strategy has been that of SPB (Always Low Prices), which has allowed for the company to achieve sustained growth and consolidate its leadership thanks to the trust placed in it by 5,1 million households.

Other information

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Mercadona uses a Human Resources model that is widely acknowledged for fostering stable, quality employment.

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Here you will find all the advice, novelties and tricks you will need in relation to Mercadona’s products. 

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