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Corporate Governance

Management Committee: Updated as of 31/12/2015 according to the company’s annual report

Juan Roig

Juan Roig


"If you satisfy "The Boss", you get sales; they bring profits; and this leads to shared growth."

  • José Jordá

    José Jordá

    Managing Director of Stores and Prescription of Perishables

  • Julia Amorós

    Julia Amorós

    Managing Director of Dry Products Prescription

  • Francisco Espert

    Francisco Espert

    Managing Director of Manufactured Agricultural Products Purchasing

  • Rafael Berrocal

    Rafael Berrocal

    Managing Director of Meat, Fish and Seafood Purchasing

  • Francisco López

    Francisco López

    Managing Director of Fruit and Vegetables Purchasing

  • David Cid

    David Cid

    Managing Director of Petroleum Byproducts Purchasing

  • Oriol Montanyà

    Oriol Montanyà

    Managing Director of Logistics

  • Ramón Bosch

    Ramón Bosch

    Managing Director of Finance and Tax

  • Héctor Hernández

    Héctor Hernández

    Managing Director of Human Resources

  • Daniel Blasco

    Daniel Blasco

    Managing Director of Training

  • Juan Antonio Germán

    Juan Antonio Germán

    Managing Director of External Relations

  • Rosa Aguado

    Rosa Aguado

    Managing Director of Construction and Expansion

  • Félix Peña

    Félix Peña

    Managing Director of Administration

Board of Directors

Juan Roig Alfonso
Hortensia Mª Herrero Chacón
Board member secretary
Carolina Roig Herrero
Members of the board
Hortensia Roig Herrero
Amparo Roig Herrero
Juana Roig Herrero
Rafael Gómez Gómez
Fernando Roig Alfonso

Audit Committee

Rafael Gómez Gómez
Carolina Roig Herrero
Member of the board
Juana Roig Herrero
Year-end 2015 
A workforce that is committed to excellence...

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