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Tarjeta Mercadona

Mercadona Credit Card


If you already have a Mercadona Credit Card, request your access codes by going to “Access using my user ID”.

Access using my user ID 



Other information

What is the Mercadona Credit Card?

Mercadona’s Credit Card allows you to pay for your everyday shopping in an easier, more convenient and secure manner.

Clients shopping at a Mercadona store

What advantages does it offer?

It is free of charge, and offers two forms of payment to choose from: daily or monthly, whichever suits you best.

Cashier taking a Mercadona Credit Card

Request your card

At your nearest store, by filling in the request forms available at the tills, or through our web page.

We recommend that once you fill in the request form, you put it in the post so it is duly processed.

Request for Mercadona Credit Card

Online management

From the Internet:

  • You may view the latest transactions, the limit available and form of payment.
  • View receipts and statements.
  • Request authorised cards.
  • Update your information and direct debits.

Mercadona credit card web page

Environmentally friendly

Your Online statement:

The Mercadona Credit Card allows you to control your shopping through our web page.

By reducing paper consumption, we help preserve our ecosystems.


Online statement