At Mercadona, our clients will always find a selection based on the best value for money on the market, as well as one that stands out on account of its effectiveness and competitiveness.

Mercadona is constantly striving to lower the price of the Shopping Cart Menu with the objective of offering "The Boss" (customer) a Total Shopping of the best quality and at minimum monthly cost. To this end, we have implemented a number of initiatives and process improvements, such as changes in format sizes, the introduction of new references and efficiency improvements where the logistic processes are concerned.

The Mercadona Shopping Cart Menu offers a Total Shopping of the best quality and at the minimum monthly cost

At the same time, for years Mercadona has been working on consolidating a model that favours seasonal, local products. Specialization by means of local suppliers takes precedence, and this has resulted in an important boost for our country’s primary sector and local economies.

At year-end in 2015 there were over 1,000 gluten-free products in the assortment. There were also 400 new products of which 100 were developed in Mercadona’s co-innovation centres.

Since 1996, we have been providing the Recommended Product model, with brands like Hacendado, Bosque Verde, Deliplus and Compy, among others of reference.

Our brands

Mercadona's store brands are: Hacendado, Deliplus, Bosque Verde and Compy