At Mercadona our customers will always find a selection with the best value-for-money on the market and with outstanding efficiency and competitiveness.

As part of our ongoing commitment to adapt to our customers’ needs, we carry out a major task of innovation and development of new products.

In 2013, at Mercadona we began to redefine ourselves to be more like shopkeepers, with the progressive addition of new fresh food sections in our stores: fish fresh from the quayside, locally sourced fruit and vegetables, bakery selling loose bread, and fresh meat and deli meats cut to order.

In addition, we have been working alongside coeliac associations since 2000 to expand our broad selection, currently standing at over 850 gluten-free product lines.

Mercadona's selection includes over 850 gluten-free products

Since 1996, we have developed the Recommended Product model with Hacendado, Bosque Verde, Deliplus, Compy and other leading brands, with the name of the inter-supplier who manufactures the product identified simply and clearly on the label, reflecting our strong focus on quality.

Our brands

Mercadona's store brands are: Hacendado, Deliplus, Bosque Verde and Compy