At Mercadona you'll always find an efficient assortment to meet your food, cleaning, hygiene and pet care needs. What's more, we'll recommend the product with the best price to quality ratio on the market.

As part of our constant adaptation to our customers' needs, every year we make a considerable effort to innovate and develop new products, adding to our selection those that provide value to the client.

As part of that constant adaptation, in 2009 Mercadona re-introduced to its supermarkets bulk fruit, sliced ham, frozen and bulk meat cuts and fish trays to complement the items available at the counter.

Mercadona has been working with the celiac associations since 2000 as part of its effort to make available a wide selection of over 750 gluten-free products.

Mercadona's selection includes over 750 gluten-free products

Ever since launching its Recommended Product line in 1996 with the Hacendado, Bosque Verde, Deliplus, Compy and other product brands, Mercadona clearly shows on its labels the name of the integrated supplier that develops the product.

Mercadona's store brands are: Hacendado, Deliplus, Bosque Verde and Compy